Ireland’s Aviation History

Trans-Atlantic flights

A Brief Timeline History of Manned Flight

In 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright built the first functional airplane. A little more than 100 years after that small wooden one-man airplane, we’ve made passenger planes that carry hundreds of passengers, broken the sound barrier, flown people to the moon and a rover to mars, and are on the verge of making spaceflight available to civilians.

1903: The Wright brothers make the first manned, powered, controlled flight.

1919: the NC4 is the first plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean

1927: Charles Lindbergh completes the first solo, nonstop transatlantic flight in The Spirit of St. Louis, traveling from New York to Paris, France.

1930s: The first Transatlantic Proving flights take place, with PanAm and BOAC traveling from Newfoundland to Foynes and vice verse.

1940s: Transatlantic passenger flights to Foynes commence. After WWII, landplanes take over


Aviation At Foynes

The story of the role played by Foynes in the establishment of passenger flights across the Atlantic is excitingly captured in the Foynes Flying Boat Museum. The museum recalls this era with a comprehensive range of exhibitions and memorabilia. Step aboard the worlds only full size replica of a Boeing B314 Flying Boat and explore.

Nearby is the Foynes Maritime museum as well. It portrays the histior and personality of the River Shannon from Limerick City to Loop Head.

Go on board our Paddle steamer cabin and watch our presentation on life on the river then and now and the role played by the River.

US Civil War

Confederate Uniforms manufactured in Limerick, shipped from Foynes to the Confederate States by breaking the Union Blockade.

Display of boatsfrom the river—commercial & leisure with a large scale model of the Estuary.

Look at how Dockers worked the ships in the 1800’s and the various samples of cargo.


Brendan O Regan’s Restaurant, Foynes

At the end of your visit or even if you’re just passing by; why not call to O’Regan’s (Museum Restaurant) and taste our freshly prepared and home-baked cuisine available at very reasonable prices. The restaurant recreates the ambiance of bygone days and you can enjoy lunch or afternoon tea in a beautiful 1940s setting and perhaps an Irish Coffee.

The Flying Boat Museum

Flying Boat Museum Brochure

Wild Atlantic Way Tour

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